Quicktip: Import & Export links library

The link library aka blogroll is one of the lesser known or under utilized feature of WordPress. It allows you to track other website URLs in a tidy post-like system. It’s right below the Media library and Pages.

So what if you have more than one WordPress site and you want to import/export your extensive links library from one site to another site?

It’s actually quite simple to do, copy the URL below to your clipboard, open a new web browser tab and paste the URL. Then  replace yourdomain.com below with your domain and hit enter.


Give it a few seconds and you’ll see a list of links in HTML format of all your links. Once the page has finished loading, copy the URL to your clipboard. Or go to your web browser’s File menu and select “Save As…”


Next go to your new WordPress site admin and click on Tools -> Import -> Blogroll

The importer will then be installed like any other plugin.


Next in the import page, you can either paste in the URL under “Specify OPML URL” or browse/upload the file and click “Import OMPL File.” We’re done, your links should be in your new site’s links library now.

For those curious, OMPL stands for Outline Processor Markup Language

Also see: Official Import/Export explanation from WordPress.com support


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